The recognition for temporary and incidental work is the same as the recognition for permanent work as a Train Driver. For the safety job of Train Driver applies that Train Drivers in possession of an EU train drivers license according to Directive 2007/59, appendix IV, are competent as a Train Driver in the Netherlands. To be allowed to work in the Netherlands as a Train Driver, it is necessary that the Train driver acquires the knowledge specified in the appendixes V en VI of the Directive 2007/59 (knowledge of the infrastructure and the rolling stock) and the specific knowledge regarding the (safety management system of the) Railway Undertakings (RU). He has to pass the examinations on those subjects; these examinations can take place at the registered and allowed RU in the Netherlands, on the condition that a certified VVRV examinator will take the examination. 

VVRV has no interference with these examinations, the applicant can arrange the training and examination directly with the RU.